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Love Dust Bridal Couture

I am a one woman bridal whirlwind

Bespoke, one of a kind creations

designed and made to measure by me for you

Welcome to the world of Lulu Love Dust Bridal Couture

Bespoke means made just for you

Welcome to the world of Love Dust Bridal Couture. A place where all your bridal dreams can become a reality.

So where do we start?

Love dust bridal couture is just me Lulu. I consult, design, source the fabrics, design the patterns, make your dress, all the fittings ( however many we need) and if needed put you in your dress on the day.

I also counsel, help sort childcare, mediate with mother in laws, hold and soothe small babies, occupy young children and listen patiently on the other end of the phone whilst you off load your stress about any of the above situations. (These are all true examples – like I said, welcome to my world)

Bespoke means made just for you. Thats you as you are. If you want fakery, I can do that, I can add boobs or panels that give the illusion of a smaller waist etc but you don't and won't need it. Your wedding dress is you on your best day- feeling your best. After all you and your partner got to this moment by being in love with each other- every bit of both of you. So lets work with and flaunt what you've got, all of it- the big tums and bums, the skinny minnies, the masculine and the androgyness.

I love to talk- so get in touch.


Debbie wanted to be a princess on her wedding day, she wanted big dr

Lisa and Mark opted for a festival themed wedding in the Lakes.

Suzanne and Kev opted to a beach wedding on the Greek island of Skopelos.

Salomi and Chris got married in Salomi's home town in Greece, in a s

Tracy had just qualified as a personal trainer and wanted a very sim

Zoie and Neil knew their wedding was going to be different.

Welcome to Love Dust Bridal Couture